Eskoo is known for its role as a supporter of individual living and a provider of special services both in South Ostrobothnia and nation-wide. We are specialised in providing disability services as well as child protection services.

We safeguard our customers’ right for dignity, safety, the possibility for growth and to have the best life possible.

We support our customers’ ability to manage their own lives, help them with daily chores and encourage them to be active members of society. Together with their families, relatives and support networks we can increase the quality of their lives.

Eskoo has been operating for over 50 years. We have approximately 370 permanent employees.

Our operational basis

We are experts in providing customer-orientated special social welfare services. We constantly develop our services, through different professional networks.

We focus on providing special social welfare services for our customers at the different stages and circumstances of their lives.

The Acts of Social Welfare, Disability, Special Care, Child Protection and Social Welfare Customer's Position and Rights guide our operations.

Our services and influence reach the whole province as well as the whole nation. We work in appropriate domestic and international networks, and manage our corporate relations purposely.

Our services are individual and competitively produced.

Our values

Respect for human dignity
Willingness to renew oneself