Customer-orientated and motivational

Our educational and daytime activities are based on treating our customers as individuals. Their individual knowledge, skills, needs and experiences are taken into account. It's vital that they experience success and can fully participate in Finnish society. Our customer-orientated and motivational way to operate strives for the best psychological, physical and social wellbeing for our customers.

Activities make life meaningful

We encourage our service users to use all their abilities and to live as independent and happy lives as possible.

We have special education, daytime activity and work units at several locations in Finland.

For those needing special support

Our daytime activities are for those needing special support, such as people with disability, mental health habilitees and those needing help with independent living.

Daytime activities

Special education is goal-oriented training and teaching of cognitive skills.

Education is based on the skills and knowledge related to adulthood. Special education lasts from one to three years. Our special education is for teenagers and young adults, who have completed the nine-year basic education in a comprehensive school or are in need of a school-like education. A personal training plan is made for all students.

The plan usually consists of the following topics:

• Life management and growing into adulthood
• Motor skills and physical exercise
• Work skills
• Physical education, arts and culture
• Interaction and social skills
• Cognitive capacity

The education enables our service users to gain new skills, become more independent and cope better in everyday life. The education content is carefully chosen to cover different aspects of everyday life and is based on customer needs. We also try to organise parts of the training outside of our own premises. After the training, all participants receive a personal evaluation and feedback as well as a certificate.

Activities give our days at Eskoo a good rhythm. Goal-oriented and meaningful activities are individually planned and aim to give experiences of success. Social skills, daily chores and work are practiced during daytime activities, which also offer many learning possibilities for those needing plenty of support.

For those needing versatile support and guidance in their daily lives, we have a special daytime activity group. The activities encourage our service users to be more active, develop interpersonal skills and maintain their current level of skills. We also offer many ways to activate our customers’ senses.

Housing training focuses on everyday skills that increase the level of self-help and independent initiative skills.

Aging training is meant for elderly people to prevent and slow down the changes caused by getting old.

Work training is goal-oriented and individually planned. It aims to develop and maintain our customers’ knowledge and skills as well as support adulthood and independent living. Work training is meant for those not able to be employed normally. We undertake different kinds of subcontracting and assembly work as well as handicrafts, where habilitative factors are more important than production.

Open work and supported employment aim to get our customers employed in open work markets with the help of individual support. Open work is a part of social services, and therefore people do not have an employment contract. If a person is in a supported employment, he/she has an employment contract.

We have daytime activities in three units at Eskoo:

1. Suupohja's Activity Unit in Kristiinankaupunki
2. Special Education and Daytime Activities Unit Kaarisilta in Seinäjoki
3. Work and Daytime Activities Unit Koivusilta in Tervajoki


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