Adventures and soothing experiences through different senses

The Multi-sensory Centre Sateenkaari, offers experiences that activate the senses. At Sateenkaari you can experience adventures through different senses. The cosy environment, pleasant lighting and calm music help you to relax.

At Sateenkaari you can also learn new things, although this is not the main aim.  The most important thing is the interaction between people, which helps you to share your experiences with others.

Open to everyone

Most of our visitors come from special schools, kindergartens, and mental health habilitation centres. However, many families and workplace groups also regularly visit us.

Sateenkaari is a good opportunity for an outing. Nearby you can find exercise and playground areas as well as an unobstructed hiking trail with a Lappish hut and barbeque area. A swimming pool and sports hall are also close-by.

Facilities at Sateenkari

The Snoezelen method that we use in Sateenkaari is designed for the severely disabled, but it is suitable for everyone who wants to relax and focus on senses.

Living room with fireplace

With the atmosphere of our electric fireplace, you can cook and get experiences through touching, smelling and tasting. The flavours of spices will evoke nice memories.

Winter Garden

At the Winter Garden you can sit cosily amongst green plants and listen to birds singing and other the sounds of nature. You can watch and feel the natural materials on display in the room.

Exercise area

A ball pool awaits you here! You can dive underneath the balls and feel them gently massaging you. On the floor there are different kinds of therapy balls and matrasses to let you feel the joy of exercise. The Kinetic-game reflected on a big screen allows you to use your own body as a game controller. The room can also be used for singing or giving presentations.  

Dark Room

The blue-light lamps make white and neon colours shine beautifully. The Dark Room gives the visually impaired a sense of sight. You can also touch different kinds of materials in the room, fly scarfs or just listen to music. 

Physioacoustic sound chair and rocking chair

A physioacoustic sound chair operates with computer-controlled low-frequency sonic vibrations that are called sine waves. Sonic vibrations conveyed by the sense of touch have a therapeutic effect. The sound intensifies many physical functions that are vital to the treatment of several illnesses and disorders.

A rocking chair is an armchair with a swaying function. The relaxing or refreshing music of the chair sways you into a relaxed mood.

White Room

Under the starry sky and amongst the colour changing bubble tubes, you can let your imagination wander.  In the room, you can also find relaxing music, a waterbed, frame beds with weighted blankets, beanbag chairs and fitness mattresses.

Handicraft room

Our tables with height and tilt angle adjustments offer all kind of artists a possibility for self-realisation. You can play with board and sound games as well as do puzzles or handicrafts.

Activity area

The Activity area is suitable for reading, drama training and tranquil gymnastics.


In addition to those living at the Eskoo complex, anyone interested can use the facilities at Sateenkaari. The prices are below. The first visit includes usage guidance for the facilities and equipment.


A customer with an assistant or a parent            12 € / 1 hour

Students, pensioners                                                       12 € / 1 hour

Others                                                                                      18 € / 1 hour

Physioacoustic sound chair,
incl. guidance/ series of visits                                      24 € / 12 €

Rocking chair                                                                           6 € / visit


We can take three different groups to Sateenkaari at the same time.

The prices include:

  • VAT 24 %
  • Guidance on the use of the facilities and equipment when you visit for the first time.


Student, day care, school and other groups                 125 € / 1.5–2 hours

Student, day care, school and other groups                    70 € / 1 hour

Families                                                                                                35 € / 1 hour

The prices include:

  • VAT 24 %
  • Usage of all facilities at Sateenkaari
  • Guidance on the use of the facilities and equipment when you visit for the first time
  • The usage of physioacoustic sound chair and rocking chair will be charged separately

Short excursions

Short excursions to Sateenkaari including a 30-minute tour at the facilities are free of charge.

Please contact us for more information!


Multi-sensory Centre Sateenkaari

Address: Eskoontie 48, 60280 SEINÄJOKI

tel. +358 (0)44 4156 776