OPUS ESKOO GIVES personal assistance and SUPPORT

Opus Eskoo helps families to organise personal assistance and support for severely disabled people as prescribed in the Disability Services Act. Services consist of such activities, both at home and outside of the home, that the severely disabled could do themselves, but are prevented by disability or illness.

Versatile assistance and support provided for

  • daily chores at home
  • running errands outside home
  • work and studying
  • hobbies
  • societal participation
  • maintaining social interaction

Services of Opus Eskoo

  • Support and guidance when hiring a personal assistant
  • Help in various situations regarding employment
  • Training for employers and personal assistants
  • Professional guidance to support work-life balance
  • Induction to professional ethics and ideology of independent living
  • Consultation on matters concerning personal help and support

At Opus Eskoo we have a wide network of experts and assistants as well as expertise in finding a proper assistant for our customers. The best way to hire a personal assistant is to visit the Kuntarekry.fi website or the Employment and Economic Development Offices (TE Offices.) We often take care of the whole recruitment process, from adverting to job interviews and hiring.

We co-operate closely with our customers, their families, relatives and places of residence.


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