Services and tasks

The tasks of the social care officer are based on the Act of Social Welfare Customer's Position and Rights (Laki sosiaalihuollon asiakkaan asemasta ja oikeuksista 812/2000). According to the Act, a municipality must appoint a social care officer.

The main role of a social care officer is to:

  • guide customers and personnel on matters related to a customer’s position and rights 
  • help customers with legal matters, such as administrative complaints, appeals and reminders
  • give information on customer’s rights
  • take different measures to realize customers’ rights
  • follow how customers’ position and rights are developed in municipalities and prepare a report for the municipal governments.

The main tasks of a social care officer are divided into immediate customer work, disseminating information and influencing.

Eskoo's Social Care Officer operates in the following municipalities:

Alajärvi, Alavus, Evijärvi, Ilmajoki, Isojoki, Jalasjärvi, Karijoki, Kauhajoki, Kauhava, Kuortane, Lappajärvi, Lapua, Seinäjoki, Soini, Teuva, Vimpeli and Ähtäri.

What is social care?

The following social services and support measures are part of the Act of Social Welfare Customer’s Position and Rights: social work, income support, education and family counselling, day care, intellectual disability services, disability services, child custody and visiting rights, alimony, paternity issues, child protection, care for the elderly, carers, substance abuse treatment and habilitative work.

Customer’s rights and obligations

According to the Act of Social Welfare Customer's Position and Rights, a customer has:

  • the right to high quality social care and services
  • an obligation to give authorities the information required for organising his/her social care
  • the right to receive a list of different options for organising his/her care
  • the right to receive a decision, contract or plan on the organisation of his/her care
  • the right to access and review all information concerning him-/herself
  • the right to take appropriate legal action in case of ill treatment or bad service.
Which tasks do not belong to the social care officer?

The social care officer does not have decision-making power over social welfare matters. The social care officer does not make decisions or change the decisions made by authorities. Neither will he/she take care of the social security matters, such as Kela benefits. In these cases, the social care officer helps the customer to find the appropriate authority.


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